Featured in Volume 1, Issue 1 (2003): (Show Abstracts)

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Working Text: Latinos and Learning. Independence and Education: Latinos and Learning in the 21st Century
     by Nancy "Rusty" Barceló (PDF - 82k)

Plenary Session I: Latinos and Learning

Working Text: Latinos and Cultural Exchange. De-Facing Mainstream Magazine Covers: The New Faces of Latino/a Transnational and Transcultural Celebrities
     by Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez (PDF - 143k)

Plenary Session II: Latinos and Cultural Exchange

Working Text: Latinos and Political Interventions
     by Roberto Aponte (PDF - 95k)

Plenary Session III: Latinos and Political Interventions

Panel Paper: Latino Learners of Spanish: The Who, the Why and the What-for
     by Gustavo Mejía (PDF - 119k)

Panel Paper: English or Spanish: Making Linguistic Decisions in the United States
     by Edwin Lamboy (PDF - 210k)

Panel Paper: Teaching Latino Culture/Creating Paths to Success: Mentoring Latino Students Through the Classroom
     by Ellen Gil-Gómez (PDF - 126k)

Panel Paper: Dominican Immigrants and Social Capital in New York City: A Case Study
     by Julissa Reynoso (PDF - 302k)

Panel Paper:"Killing me every day": Contemporary Latino/a Culture and the Growing Prison Crisis
     by Amy Ongiri (PDF - 123k)

Panel Paper: There's No Place Like Home: Elián González and the Ideology of Family Values
     by Rafael Montes (PDF - 119k)

Panel Paper: Irene Vilar: Critique of Self-Sacrifice in the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party From the Forbidden Side of the Border
     by Melanie Pérez Ortiz, (PDF - 219k)

Tato Laviera

Performance on February 5th, 2000
     by Tato Laviera