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General Guidelines

Encrujiada/Crossroads publishes manuscripts and electronic materials that explore or represent Latino/a issues in the U.S. Encruijada/Crossroads accepts submissions of research articles and book reviews from the humanities and the social sciences. The journal also accepts submissions of creative writing, digital art, photography, audio, and video of performances that offer representations of the U.S. Latino/a community.

Manuscripts for publication in Encrucijada/Crossroads may be cast within any theoretical framework and may come from any discipline within the humanities and social sciences. Clarity and accessibility will be important when writing for an interdisciplinary audience. Therefore, the editorial board will give priority to those manuscripts that can address a broad spectrum of specialized and non-specialized readers. Encrucijada/Crossroads accepts and publishes submissions in both Spanish and English.

Manuscripts can be sent electronically to the editors at or an electronic version can be sent on disk/CD to:

Israel Reyes and Beatriz Pastor, Directors
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Hinman 6072
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Authors of manuscripts to Encrucijada/Crossroads are asked to follow the style sheet provided on this site.





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