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Latino Intersections was created and launched by members of Dartmouth College's faculty and staff, in conjunction with the Dartmouth College Library. Latino Intersections is a new venture in online academic publication that makes research, art, opinion, current events, and educational resources available to scholars, students, artists, and activists. Latino Intersections recognizes the diversity of the Latino/a community in the U.S. and is therefore committed to establishing a common ground where that rich diversity can express itself in language accessible to a wide audience.

The Latino Intersections site consists of five interconnected areas:

Encrucijada/Crossroads: An Online Academic Journal

A bi-annual refereed journal that presents current research in Latino/a issues, particularly those related to culture and education. This scholarly journal contains both text-based research pieces and multimedia presentations of art and performance.

New Voices/Nuevas Voces: Innovative Work by Students

A student journal that presents current projects focusing on Latino/a issues. This journal contains both text-based projects and multimedia presentations developed both in and out of the classroom by young Latino/a writers, artists and performers.

Happenings/¿Qué pasa?

An area for news and a calendar of events that explore Latino/a issues in North America. Users will be able to access and submit links to upcoming conferences, cultural events, and political actions that are of interest to the Latino/a community.

Resource Center/Centro de Recursos

A center for bibliographical information and links relating to Latino/a organizations and institutions, as well as an ongoing archive of the most current educational materials, debates, and practices.


All areas of the website link to Interact, a bulletin board that allows users to discuss the materials they find on the site as well as a broad range of Latino/a topics. We will invite guest moderators - scholars, artists, and activists who have made an impact on the Latino/a community, to post interventions as a way to spark productive, animated discussions around the issues that most affect Latinos and Latinas today.

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