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Featured in Volume 8, Issue 1 (2010) : (view abstracts)


Introduction to the Special Issue "Semantic Maps: Methods and Applications"
     by Michael Cysouw, Martin Haspelmath and Andrej L. Malchukov    (PDF - 234k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.358

Semantic maps and the identification of cross-linguistic generic categories: evidentiality and its relation to epistemic modality
     by Kasper Boye    (PDF - 1236k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.344

Commentary on Boye - Posting Grammatical Categories: Linguists' vs. Speakers' Generalizations
     by Sonia Cristofaro    (PDF - 230k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.359

Commentary on Boye - Semantic Maps as Helpers in the Quest for Generic Categories
     by Ljuba Veselinova    (PDF - 200k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.360

Author's Reply - Cross-linguistic Generic Categories Are Linguists' Generalizations
     by Kasper Boye    (PDF - 222k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.361

Semantic maps and mental representation
     by Sonia Cristofaro    (PDF - 1003k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.345

Commentary on Cristofaro - What Do Semantic Maps Tell Us?
     by William Croft    (PDF - 503k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.362

Commentary on Cristofaro - Cognitive Mechanisms Need to be Operationalized
     by Remi van Trijp    (PDF - 304k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.363

Author's Reply - What Multifunctionality Patterns Tell Us
     by Sonia Cristofaro    (PDF - 229k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.364

Semantic maps as metrics on meanings
     by Michael Cysouw    (PDF - 1087k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.346

Commentary on Cysouw - What Should Be on a Map?
     by Heiko Narrog    (PDF - 246k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.365

Author's Reply - Variation of Semantic Map Display Is Necessary
     by Michael Cysouw    (PDF - 212k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.366

Building a semantic map: top-down versus bottom-up approaches
     by Ferdinand de Haan    (PDF - 874k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.347

Commentary on de Haan - Evidentiality in Epistemic Modality: Let's Get the Whole Picture
     by Heiko Narrog    (PDF - 710k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.367

Commentary on de Haan - Can Semantic Maps Be Built Purely Bottom-up?
     by Joost Zwarts    (PDF - 209k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.368

Author's Reply - Epistemic Modality in Context
     by Ferdinand de Haan    (PDF - 221k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.369

An implicational map of parts of speech
     by Kees Hengeveld and Eva van Lier    (PDF - 1086k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.348

Commentary on Hengeveld & van Lier - The Added Value of the Connectivity Hypothesis for the Map of Parts of Speech
     by Caterina Mauri    (PDF - 318k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.370

Authors' Reply - Connectivity in Implicational Maps
     by Kees Hengeveld and Eva van Lier    (PDF - 215k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.371

Semantic maps and word formation: Agents, Instruments, and related semantic roles
     by Eugenio R. Luján    (PDF - 746k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.349

Analyzing Semantic Maps: A Multifactorial Approach
     by Andrej L. Malchukov    (PDF - 1214k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.350

Commentary on Malchukov - Optimizing Classical Maps
     by Heiko Narrog    (PDF - 226k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.372

Commentary on Malchukov - Three Questions about Analyzing Semantic Maps
     by Bernhard Wälchli    (PDF - 224k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.373

Author's Reply - What Semantic Maps Show and What They Are Good for
     by Andrej L. Malchukov    (PDF - 226k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.374

Semantic Maps or Coding Maps? Towards a Unified Account of the Coding Degree, Coding Complexity, and Coding Distance of Coordination Relations
     by Caterina Mauri    (PDF - 1191k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.351

A Diachronic Dimension in Maps of Case Functions
     by Heiko Narrog    (PDF - 378k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.352

Commentary on Narrog - The Best of Two Maps
     by Sander Lestrade    (PDF - 205k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.375

Author's Reply: Towards More Informative Maps
     by Heiko Narrog    (PDF - 215k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.376

Polysemous Qualities and Universal Networks, Invariance and Diversity
     by Loïc-Michel Perrin    (PDF - 2022k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.353

Commentary on Perrin - Drawing Networks from Recurrent Polysemies
     by Michael Cysouw    (PDF - 604k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.377

Author's Reply - Polysemous Qualities, Continuity, and Gradation
     by Loïc-Michel Perrin    (PDF - 293k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.378

How Conceptual Are Semantic Maps?
     by Andrea Sansò    (PDF - 1246k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.354

Grammaticalization and Semantic Maps: Evidence from Artificial Language
     by Remi van Trijp    (PDF - 849k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.355

Commentary on van Trijp - Analogy is an Implicit Universal Semantic Map
     by Michael Cysouw    (PDF - 234k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.379

Author's Reply - Analogy Adapts to the Structure of the World
     by Remi van Trijp    (PDF - 294k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.380

Similarity Semantics and Building Probabilistic Semantic Maps from Parallel Texts
     by Bernhard Wälchli    (PDF - 2113k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.356

Commentary on Waelchi - The Dynamic Potential of Probabilistic Semantic Maps
     by Andrea Sansò    (PDF - 212k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.381

Author's Reply - We Just Lag Behind, or Phonetics is Ahead of Semantics, as Usual
     by Bernhard Wälchli    (PDF - 207k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.382

Semantic Map Geometry: Two Approaches
     by Joost Zwarts    (PDF - 901k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.357

Commentary on Zwarts - A Multitude of Approaches to Make Semantic Maps
     by Michael Cysouw    (PDF - 407k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.383

Author's Reply - Getting to the Points of a Semantic Map
     by Joost Zwarts    (PDF - 200k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.384

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