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Linguistic Discovery, which was established in 2002, is dedicated to the description and analysis of primary linguistic data. The journal primarily publishes original work on lesser-studied or endangered languages, and it aims for all of its articles to contain original or hard-to-access data, including cross-linguistic studies whose novelty may not be in the individual pieces of data described, but in the data base.

Since the time Linguistic Discovery first began publishing, there has been an increase in the number of specialized journals, especially on-line journals, that have particular theoretical orientations, disciplinary foci or genetic/geographic interests. However, it is still the case that few journals publish for a broad readership on a range of original data from different languages.

As part of our commitment to the description and dissemination of primary language data, Linguistic Discovery publishes less traditional kinds of research as well: a section on "Notes from the Field," which includes surveys of language use and sketches of under-studied languages. The journal also publishes linguistic problem sets that are designed for varying levels of instruction.

Linguistic Discovery is free and accessible world-wide. Subscriptions are intended for those readers who wish to be notified each time a new issue is published. However, the journal can be read without a subscription, and we invite all readers to contribute articles for publication. Copyrights are held by the authors.

By not maintaining a print version, we are able to avoid some of the costs that confront other journals. For the costs that remain, we have a commitment of support on the part of Dartmouth College that allows us to guarantee that the journal site will be maintained indefinitely and that the journal will be archived so that the information it contains will be accessible in the distant future.

Like other top publications, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of scholarship. All submissions go through a process of anonymous peer review.

Lindsay J. Whaley, Dartmouth College
March, 2015

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