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General guidelines

Linguistic Discovery publishes articles dealing with the description of human languages and exploring theoretical issues that arise in analyzing language. In addition, Linguistic Discovery publishes editorials, data sets useful for training future linguists, and notes on the field of linguistics.

Manuscripts for publication in Linguistic Discovery may be cast within any theoretical framework and may come from any sub-discipline within linguistics. Typically, only those manuscripts that incorporate original or hard-to-access data will be considered for publication, and manuscripts that incorporate data from endangered languages or lesser-studied languages will be given priority.

Rights and Permissions

Contributors are responsible for determining if it is necessary to obtain copyright permission for the use of copyrighted material and for obtaining such permissions where necessary.  Contributors should retain copies of permissions for at least three years and provide copies to the Editor if requested to do so.  Information concerning Fair Use and getting permission to use copyrighted material follows: doctrine of fair use is available at:

Although we reserve the right to continue to publish accepted texts, the copyright ownership of accepted texts will be retained by the author(s) under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC 4.0. We ask that any subsequent publication of a text (or version of a text) not appear for at least six months after publication in this journal, and that such publication directly link to the initial publication in this journal via the DOI.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to Linguistic Discovery

Authors of articles submitted to Linguistic Discovery are asked to follow the style sheet provided on this site. There is no article processing fee or other charge to authors.

Linguistic Discovery editorial office address is:

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