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Featured in Volume 16, Issue 1 (2018) : (view abstracts)


Special issue: On the expression of comparison: Contributions to the typology of comparative constructions from lesser-known languages
     by Yvonne Treis and Katarzyna I. Wojtylak, (eds.)    (PDF - 49k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.493

Comparative Constructions: An Introduction
     by Yvonne Treis    (PDF - 510k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.492

Comparison, Contrast and Similarity in Yalaku
     by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald    (PDF - 970k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.483

Some peculiarities of comparative constructions in Nivacle
     by Alain Fabre    (PDF - 307k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.482

Similative and Equative Constructions in Japhug
     by Guillaume Jacques    (PDF - 259k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.484

Comparatives in Turkish Sign Language (TİD)
     by A. Sumru Özsoy and Hüner Kaşıkara    (PDF - 3040k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.485

Comparison in Kambaata: Superiority, Equality and Similarity
     by Yvonne Treis    (PDF - 688k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.486

Comparative and Superlative Constructions in Alaskan Athabascan Languages
     by Siri G. Tuttle    (PDF - 918k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.487

More than most: comparative constructions in Muna
     by René van den Berg    (PDF - 778k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.488

Comparative, similative and simulative expressions in Ese Ejja
     by Marine Vuillermet    (PDF - 363k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.489

Comparative Constructions in Murui (Witotoan, Northwest Amazonia)
     by Katarzyna I. Wojtylak    (PDF - 813k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.490

Contrast instead of comparison: Evidence from West Tibetan differentiating property ascriptions
     by Bettina Zeisler    (PDF - 1609k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.491

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