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Featured in Volume 12, Issue 2 (2014) : (view abstracts)


Arguments and Adjuncts Cross-Linguistically: A Brief Introduction
     by Søren Wichmann    (PDF - 263k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.441

Arguments and Adjuncts as Language-Particular Syntactic Categories and as Comparative Concepts
     by Martin Haspelmath    (PDF - 577k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.442

Emai's Variable Coding of Adjuncts
     by Ronald P. Schaefer and Francis O. Egbokhare    (PDF - 425k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.443

A Canonical Approach to the Argument/Adjunct Distinction
     by Diana Forker    (PDF - 673k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.444

Cross-Linguistic Variation in the Treatment of Beneficiaries and the Argument vs. Adjunct Distinction
     by Denis Creissels    (PDF - 585k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.445

Locative-Related Roles and the Argument-Adjunct Distinction in Balinese
     by I Wayan Arka    (PDF - 1515k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.446

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