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Featured in Volume 10, Issue 3 (2012) : (view abstracts)


Referential Effects on the Expression of Three-Participant Events across Languages - An Introduction in Memory of Anna Siewierska
     by Eva van Lier    (PDF - 726k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.413

The Effects of Referential Factors in Mojeno Trinitario Derived and Non-Derived Ditransitive Verbs
     by Françoise Rose    (PDF - 607k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.414

Ditransitive Alignment in Yakima Sahaptin
     by Joana Jansen    (PDF - 721k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.415

Referential Hierarchies in Three-Participant Constructions in Blackfoot: The Effects of Animacy, Person, and Specificity
     by Lena Russell, Inge Genee, Eva van Lier and Fernando Zúñiga    (PDF - 914k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.416

The Expression of Three-Participant Events in Movima
     by Katharina Haude    (PDF - 570k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.417

Ditransitive Alignment and Referential Hierarchies in Araki
     by Alexandre François    (PDF - 838k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.418

Referential Hierarchies in Three-Participant Constructions in Vera'a
     by Stefan Schnell    (PDF - 725k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.419

Referential Hierarchy Effects in Yakkha Three-Participant Constructions
     by Diana Schackow    (PDF - 959k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.420

'Give' Constructions in the Papuan Languages of Timor-Alor-Pantar
     by Marian Klamer and Antionette Schapper    (PDF - 987k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.421

A Corpus Study of Mexican Spanish Three-Participant Constructions with and without Clitic Doubling
     by Chiyo Nishida    (PDF - 726k)
     doi: 10.1349/PS1.1537-0852.A.422

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