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Chicano Art: A Resource Guide

Description: The purpose of this brief guide is to provide an overview on the subject of Chicano art, to help acquaint the reader with the history, the meaning, and significance of this important aspect of Chicano culture. The guide includes an annotated list of suggested further readings.
Subjects: Research Guides: Art.


The Susquehanna University Latino Oral History Project

Description: Sponsored by the Department of Modern Langauges, the Latino Oral History Project is an evolving initiative that links the University to the regional Latino community while serving as a vehicle of expression for university students of Hispanic origin. .
Subjects: Research Projects. History


La Frontera

Description: During fall 2000, several scholars and cultural workers from many backgrounds and across disciplines meet at Dartmouth College to discuss the determinants and effects of globalization, urbanism, post-colonial identity, and cultural production within the context of sites and spaces along the US-Mexico Border. Our focus on Los Angeles, Mexico City, and the US-Mexico border region avoids the oftentimes metaphoric references to spaces and places that can dilute genuine discussion. Los Angeles and Mexico City in fact form two poles which perhaps best exemplify the tensions of the modern world, which include patterns of post-colonial transnationalism and the creation of postmodern urban landscapes. We intend that scholars in the humanities and the social sciences will talk to, not past one another, on the subject of the nature of space under conditions of globalization.
Subjects: Research Projects. Border Studies.


Harvard Immigrations Projects

Description: Co-Directors: Marcelo Suárez-Orozco and Carola Suárez-Orozco. Includes information about The Longitudinal Immgrant Student Adaptation Study (LISA), other resources and courses descriptions.
Subjects: Research Projects. Emigration and immigration.


Yale University. Latino Studies. A research Guide

Description: The Subject Guide for Latino Studies provides information about the print and microform collections, online databases, Internet resources, and other resources for conducting research in the Yale University Library.
Subjects: Research Guides; Subject Guides.




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