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The Latino Intersections Resource Center, a part of the Latino Journal Intersections website, is affiliated with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies Program at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. It receives funding and support from the Dartmouth College Library System.

The Resource Center's mission is to create a gateway to resources that facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or about the Latino community in the United States. The definition used here of "Latino community" is largely cultural and does not describe a single monolithic group. On the contrary, for us, Latino means any person living in the United States with a Hispanic heritage.

Our target audience includes anyone with an interest in Latino issues. Although the majority of resources included here address the needs of the "academia" (students & professors, high schools & colleges, private & public sector professionals, etc), the Resource Center also hopes to assist anyone looking for information in this important field.

The Resource Center is divided into five main categories:

  • Latino Directory is a comprehensive directory of Latino associations, institutions and organizations with an Internet presence, which focus on academic, cultural, and professional activities in the United States.
  • Teaching Tools is a comprehensive gateway of resources that support research and teaching in Latino issues. Databases, periodical indexes, class syllabi, bibliographies and other reference tools, are listed under this category.
  • Latino Media & Books is a comprehensive list of journals, newspapers and books dealing with Latino issues.
  • Politics & Latino Policy is a comprehensive list of specific sources that provides information about politics and public policy to serve the Latino population in the United States.
  • Professional Development provides information about Fellowships, scholarships, grants, mentorships, interships, Volunteer work and other opportunities for personal and professional development.

You may also access a calendar of Latino Conferences, Events and Calls for Papers located under the Happenings section.

If you have updates or new information to include in the Resource Center, please use Suggest a Resource



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