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Guidelines for Contributors: Style Sheet

The editors of New Voices/Nuevas Voces accept submissions of unpublished, original work not simultaneously under consideration at another publication. A cover page must accompany each submission and should include the following information: title, type of work (scholarly article, fiction, poetry, etc.), author(s), institutional affiliation(s), current mailing address, e-mail address, and Web site URL, if applicable.

Following the cover page, provide an abstract of no more than 100 words that describes the thesis or central point of the submitted material(s). The abstract should end with a list of up to eight "key words" or index phrases.

Preparation and formatting

  1. Electronic Media:
    • Use of electronic format for publishing New Voices/Nuevas Voces allows us to post a variety of media, in addition to standard written articles. Such media may be submitted in conjunction with an article or as a stand-alone document.
    • Media should be submitted digitally via e-mail, or in the case of large files such as digital video, on a disc or CD. Please state any graphics or recording program used for figures, photographs, or video, where applicable. Once accepted, we will take responsibility for digitizing material as necessary.
    • As a general guideline, the submission and publication of recorded material should give full information about the recording. Indicate the date and place of the recording, some identification of the speakers/performers (names, affiliation, etc.), identification of the recorder/videographer, and the equipment used to make the recording.
  2. Manuscripts:
    • Manuscripts submitted electronically should be saved as a Microsoft Word document (Windows or Macintosh) and sent either as an e-mail attachment or on a disk/CD. Paper submissions must be accompanied by a disk/CD version for Windows or Macintosh.
    • Scholarly articles should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages and should follow the standard styles of the most recent edition of the Modern Language Association Style Manual, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, or the Chicago Manual of Style, as appropriate for the manuscript's discipline. Please indicate on the cover page the style manual used for manuscript preparation.
    • Double space the entire text, including citations, notes, and references. Use a standard Times 12-point font for the main text, including the title and subtitles.
    • Italicize, rather than underline, titles where necessary. Italics should be used for words, phrases, or citations in languages other than the language of the manuscript.
    • Tables should be formatted as true tables, using the "Table" function of the Microsoft Word program. Avoid formatting tables with tabs or spaces.
    • References should be made parenthetically in the body of the text; for example: (Aparicio 232) or (Aparicio 1983: 232). Follow the guidelines of the appropriate style manual for multiple authors, multiple works by a single author, etc.
    • Notes should be limited to observations or clarifications and should appear at the end of the body of the text and on a separate page. Notes appear at the end of the sentence and/or after punctuation and are numbered sequentially using superscript, Arabic numerals. Note text should be double spaced and written using Times 12 point font.
    • The "Works Cited" or "References" must begin on a new page after the "Notes." All entries must be double spaced and appear as "Hanging" text, as in the following examples:
    • Aparicio, Frances. "Teaching Spanish to the Native Speaker at College Level." Hispania 66 (1983): 232-39.

      Feliciano, Wilma. "The Spanish for Native Speakers Program at State University New York at Albany." ERIC (1980): ED205028.

      Piatt, Bill. "Toward Domestic Recognition of a Human Right to Language." Latinos in the United States. Ed. Antoinette Sedillo Lpez. New York: Garland, 1995. 1-22.

    • Links to electronic articles within a submitted manuscript will not be checked by the editors and will be published as submitted. Any references to electronic articles outside of the Latino Intersections site will be published as originally submitted, even if a URL is modified in the future.
  3. Fiction and poetry:
    Creative writing should reflect the experiences and/or history of Latinos/as in the U.S. Format the text according to the guidelines above: double-spaced, Times 12-point font, etc.
  4. Permission to reprint:
    It is solely the author's responsibility to obtain written permission to reprint any copyrighted material, such as figures, photographs, film/video/audio clips, tables, or graphs. The author must include a copy of written permission(s) with the manuscript.
  5. Review process: New Voices/Nuevas Voces is a refereed journal and submissions are evaluated anonymously by specialists in the appropriate field. Please allow four to six months for consideration.
  6. Language: New Voices/Nuevas Voces accepts submissions in Spanish and English. Manuscripts in Spanish must be formatted with accent marks and special characters, as necessary. Spanish words or phrases appearing in an English-language manuscript, or vice versa, should appear in italics.





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