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Words and fields are combined by [and].


Searching for the words "cultural identity" within the document finds only articles that contain both words (anywhere in the document), including occurrences such as "the".


Entering "Vasquez" in author field and "dance" in abstract field finds only articles by that author which also contain this specific word in the abstract.


Two or more words are not searched as a phrase but as individual words.


The following wildcard characters are supported: * matches any number of characters , while ? matches one character. The wildcards * and ? can appear anywhere in a word. For example:

  •  A search for "latin?" will retrieve any articles with the words "latino" or "latina".
  •  A search for "latin*" will retrieve any articles with the words "latinos", "latino/a" or "latinidad".
  •  A search on "perfor*" will find any articles with the words "perform", "performer" or "performances".

An automatic "stem" search finds variations of words (e.g., "run" finds also "runs", "ran" and "running"). Please note that currently stemming will only work for English language terms.


Searching for non-English characters is not currently supported, but may be a feature implemented in the future. At the present time, the * wildcard may be substituted for the non-english characters to facilitate searching. For example:

  • To find articles on Guillermo Gómez Peña, search on "g*mez pe*a" in the descriptor index.





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